Quincy, MA – Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers – 27 Beale St. – (617) 328- 5775 – http://www.finderskeepersquincy.com (Right off the Wollaston T-stop)

Overall Thoughts: Small but full of quality consignment clothing, jewelry and shoes.

Recommend: If you’re looking to build your wardrobe for less, go here! 

I stumbled upon Finders Keepers when I first moved to Quincy in December and was walking to the Wollaston T-stop. However, I didn’t actually go in until yesterday. So this review is long overdue! 


I didn’t know exactly what to expect when walking into Finders Keepers. From the outside it looks very small, full of an assortment of clothing, shoes and accessories for woman and children.  So when I walked in, I was right about it being small… many of the wracks are very close together with shoes scattered about.  What I didn’t realized was how many quality and great items I would find! I quickly realized this store is fantastic! 


As you can see in the photo above, there is limited space. But the wracks are full of Gap, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, J Crew, Arden B and Free People labels (just to name a few). 

I was psyched to fine these Ralph Lauren Jean Shorts for $8!!! Love it!


As I said before, the store has shoes scattered about. If you are weary of buying shoes from a consignment store, GET OVER IT NOW! You can find great shoes for SO CHEAP. Now, with that said, I wouldn’t buy shoes from every thrift store, but if you think the shoes are clean and rarely worn, then give it the green light.

I was so close to buying these Calvin Klein black pumps… however, I was about to get on the redline and didn’t want to carry them around all night. They look brand new and went for $14. 


I wasn’t on the hunt for anything particular while poking around. However, I only had 20 minutes to look around. So when you go, give yourself a bit more time! The jewelry case alone deserves 20 minutes! 


I am anticipating my return to Finders Keepers and will make sure to give myself more then 20 minuets!  Another bonus to this store is the kids/baby section. Check it out today!!! They have GREAT stuff. 



Rowley, MA – Lynn’s Vintage Flair

Lynn’s Vintage Flair – 244 Newburyport Turnpike, Rowley, MA (978) 948-5005

Overall Thoughts: An abundance of options for vintage furniture and decorative treasures!

Recommend: This is a fantastic spot if you’re looking for finishing decorating touches! A great spot to find cool and eclectic pieces.


I grew up in Georgetown, MA and always went  to Moxies consignment in Rowly. So while I was home for Fathers Day, I figured I better get over there and do a review on Moxies for you. However, when I got there Moxies was gone, replaced with Lynn’s Vintage Flair! What a great surprise this was 🙂

Since this was my first visit, walking in I had no clue what to expect. What I found was a splendid vintage shop with 11 rooms, yes 11 rooms. Each room is  full of fantastic decorative pieces, vintage furniture, clothing, designer bags, belts, photos, cards and fun jewelry.

Basically, I could have stayed in this store for hours. So when you go here, plan on giving your self at least an hour to look through all the rooms.  Not only is everything unique, but its very well priced. I have been to many second hand/vintage shops and I can tell you that all the items were priced very well.

I took a ton of photos at Lynn’s Vintage Flair and want to share my favorites with you! So for this post, I am going with the idea of  ‘These are a few of my favorite things.” Are you picturing me in the Sound of Music??

A few of my favorite things –

1. OWLS: There are lots of owls at this store… big, small, cute, hip and fun!Image

2. The World: A classic piece that will NEVER get old!Image

3. Antique Mirrors: This was just one of the many they had… I was in love!


4. Material: This material would normally go for $30 – $50 in the store! Quality and cute all in one.


5. Jewelry: There was no shortage for jewelry here.


6. Affordable furniture: This chair went for $20 and is adorable. Image

7. Vintage furniture: Loved that there was lots of choices for vintage/shabby chic pieces! This table was $29. I was just on Nantucket and saw a similar table for $700…. NOT KIDDING!

8. Creative storage units: Artsy and practical! Image

Go here today, I can guarantee you will find the perfect piece to accent your home or your wardrobe. Along with a unique shopping experience.

Navy Belt from The Goodwill

This is the striped belt I got from The Goodwill in Quincy, MA for $1.  My mom said it is most likely from the Navy since her father had the same one when was in the Navy. How cool is that!! 


I took this photo early this morning, prior to coffee, so excuse my tired look! It paired perfectly with my Gap dress for work today. 


Sandwich, MA – Robin’s Nest Consignment

Robin’s Nest Consignment – 28 Rt. 6A – Sandwich, MA – (774) 413-5175

Overall Thoughts: A charming, quaint  and decorative store

Recommend: If you’re looking for some new house decorations or  small furniture pieces, go here!

This past weekend I was on the Cape for a triathlon I was competing in on Saturday. We  arrived  a bit early on Friday so first is first on the Cape… ICE CREAM!  And while looking for a ice cream shop we came across Robin’s Nest Consignments… Ice cream and a thrift store! I was in heaven.



When we first approached the store, I saw a super cute table outside that had been re-done to create a shabby chic look. This light blue table would go perfectly in any house.

Next up – conquering the inside! When we walked there was certainly a ton to look at. Every direction you looked was interesting pieces; from lobster themed dishes,  printed pillows, curtains, lamps, and so many more house ware items.

This blue hen caught my eye as a cool, and creative piece that you could add to any room to zest it up a bit.


Check out the mirrors below – $10 to give you a elegant and antique look to your wall. I would have bought these two mirrors however, don’t have any room in my apartment for more decorations! I need to start Christmas shopping for people 🙂 


Overall there are SO many interesting furnishings/decorations at Robin’s Nest Consignment.  You could visit it everyday and find something new there.  It surely makes for a fun hunt!

Another bonus,  they  have  discounted stickers on select items to give you an even smaller price tag. So be sure to check the tags and ask for the price if you’re not sure. Don’t be afraid to negotiate either… if you never ask you will never know!

If you find yourself on Rt. 6A,  stop into Robin’s Nest Consignment and see what interesting things you may find! Remember to take your time and use your imagination!!!