The second hand store rules!

 Many people have never been to a thrift store, many have, but nonetheless I wanted to share my seven rules for having the best success in second hand stores!  So here goes – 

1. Have a loose idea of what you’re looking, with no expectations.

2. Buy quality.

3. Try things on. Why… Because you can’t take it back. 

4. Ask if there are sales. Most places do have select days when they have sales.  For example at the Goodwill in Quincy, the tag sale is on Sunday and Monday.


6. Shop at a second hand store in a affluent town. They will have the best brands and quality.

7. Get creative! Plants in a vintage cooler add a unique look to any porch or garden! Image

Get shopping! 

La Conner – Re-Feather Your Nest

Re-Feather Your Nest  – 623 Morris A-1,  La Conner, WA – (360) 399-1057

Overall Thoughts: Adorable!

Recommend: This is an outstanding store to find home decorations and re-furnbished furniture.

Ok, so I know this store is not in New England, but I am on vacation in Washington and had to share this great find with you.  Melissa, my friend from home, and myself are in La Conner while our boyfriends are climbing Mt. Rainier. So to pass the time away, we shopped, indulged in amazing food, sea kayaked, hiked through Deception Pass Park and drank local wine. A glorious few days for sure.

We basically love La Conner and loved this shop! It was filled with exceptional consignment furniture and unique gifts. If you ever find yourself in La Conner, WA, make sure you check this spot out.

How creative and cool are these planters. I would had never thought to do this with plant, maybe because I’m a bad plant Mom, but this concept definitely is inspiring! After checking out the front of the place, we ventured inside and I was obsessed with this retro couch! If I lived here, I would have bought this couch.

Great day!

Melissa and I modeling on the couch.

This is a steal for a couch!

$429 for the couch!

So hip and affordable… yes please!

Here are a few of our (yes, Melissa loved everything too) favorite things –

Vintage shelving unit… love.

Great Butcher Block!


Check out the rope on the edges… how creative is that!

So for now, from La Conner, I will leave you with this – 

The accident outfit!

My closet is full of second hand goods. So many in fact that I forget what is second hand and what isn’t. My boss, Amanda, pointed out to me that my outfit yesterday was 100% from a thrift store! And she was right 🙂

My co-worker Matt is headed off to NYC so we threw him a going away party yesterday. This dress was the perfect summertime dress to go to a party in! It is a classic piece that has made an appearance at many professional and personal events.

Second Time Around – Shoes – Banana Republic  – $30

The Salvation Army – Dress – No brand – $9

Lands End Beach Skirt

Happy summer everyone! I have been in Florida for the past week so have not gotten the chance to do a post… I know, I know, a bad excuse! 

I got a chance to get out to Wingersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA this weekend with my family and wanted to share my great summer find with you. I got this Lands End Skirt over the winter at the Goodwill for $4! What a great find. Finally it is warm enough to show it off… what do you think?   

Tip – keep your eyes peeled for winter and fall clothing now. You will find the best deals in all thrift shops. Plus, summer only last for three months (if we are lucky) so always be on the lookout for next season clothing. 

This skirt goes for $30 online, that is $26 savings!!!


Looking out to sea!

My sister is a professional photographer… so finally I got some good shots. Not me trying for 30 minutes to get a shot with my iMac. 



Pockets… A Plus!