Boston, MA – SoWa Vintage Market

SoWa Vintage Market  -460C Harrison Ave – Boston, MA

Overall thoughts: A great adventure in finding unique vintage treasures and crafts


It was another hot weekend when I decided it was time to check out SoWa Vintage Market in South Boston. The location is very easy to get to… My advice is to park in Southie or take the redline to the Broadway T stop and walk over the bridge towards the South End. However, if you’re planning on buying big items, such as furntiure, I would drive and park there. This is also very easy.

My initial reason for heading here was to do a review on the Haberdash Vintage Trailer.  Once I got their I realized there was so, so, so much that the SoWa Vintage Market offered.  When you walk in you don’t even know where to begin. The entrance welcomes you with vendor after vendor of unique crafts, vintage clothing and food trucks.

A sea of arts and crafts from local vendors

The first thing to catch my eye, were these two  New England inspired paintings below. How cool!?

  A perfect fit for the blog, indeed 🙂

While I didn’t find the Haberdash Vintage Trailer, I did find their new bus!  Love it!

Now, this is a bus I wouldn’t mind taking a ride on!

As my journey continued, I realized inside was were I needed to be! The inside of SoWa Vintage Market features many different vintage and antique vendors from all around New England.  I love these types of places because you never know what you will find! Here is a quick photo overview of what I found inside!

I’m ready to head in and explore!

Antique Bottles… Beautiful!

       Great addition to any belt! 

So much to look at, so little time!

Nautical Boat.

God Bless America

An original and artistic display!


Need creative storage…

The photos could go on and on, with all the cool stuff I found.  I encourage you to head to the SoWa Vintage when you have a free Sunday. You can visit them at to learn more about their directions, hours and special promotions.

Their indoor market is open every Sunday from 10AM – 4PM year round. AND did I mention the entrance is Free!

We ended the day with nice BBQ sandwich 🙂

Cambridge, MA – The Garment District

The Garment District – 200 Broadway St. – Cambridge, MA – 

Overall thoughts – Overwhelming, awesome, and one of a kind!

The Garment District has been on my list to visit for years.  The redline has ads everywhere,  making me feel guilty for the last five years for not checking out this spot… So FINALLY,  when I had a free Saturday  open, I made sure to schedule in a visit to this infamous store!

Finally, I made it here!

I have heard so many different things about this store, that I once thought was a district. Most people who love second hand stores rave about this spot, but, there are a select few who could walk by without a hesitation. So, I really didn’t know what to think, but I did know I was excited to dive into a new spot and check out the goods!

Let me set the scene for you – 95 degrees, no A.C., and I walked a mile to get here. Not the best scenario to hunt through racks of clothing!

But, like any good thrifter, I battled through it!  However, due to the heat I did not take the normal amount of photos I usually do (kicking myself for that stupid move).

I will admit, I was OVERWHELMED on where to start.  With two levels to cover, I needed to remind myself of my own rules.

The first floor features an opportunity to shop by pound. This is pretty cool since you don’t find these places very often, however, you should  be ready to really search and get down and dirty.

Whoa… get in there and start hunting!

Since it was a billion degrees, I moved past stuffing a bag full of clothes, and went straight to the second floor.  The clothing on the second floor is much more organized. With racks and racks full of clothing from different era’s, such as the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. There are also racks of dresses, sweaters, designer clothing and men’s clothing to round out this floor. Loved this floor!

A vintage shoppers dream!

Hello, Skirts!

Eclectic and Italy come to mind!

Need gas while shopping…

I bet you’re wondering…. What did I find?

  $28 buck got me – 

  • A summer designer dress
  • A wool winter sweater (check out the blog later this week for a photo),
  • A wool plaid button down shirt for my boyfriend. Whom, I have made model for me below!

Not a bad deal!

Working that $7 shirt!

Overall, this store was VERY interesting and affordable.  On this specific day they are having a 50% off sale… SCORE!

Again, I will admit,  I was a bit overwhelmed at first. So, when you head here, just take a deep breath and enjoy it. There is seriously so many cool and unique items you will come across!  I will be back here soon  – in fact I need to spice up my fall wardrobe, so will be headed there soon enough.

Basically – If you LOVE vintage, a good deal and the thrill of the hunt…. go here!

Stafford Springs, CT – Three Graces Vintage

Three Graces Vintage – 68 Main St. -Stafford Springs, CT – 860-597-1427

I got the chance to check out Three Graces Vintage Shop a few weeks ago while I was in Stafford Springs for business.  Now, if you have been to Stafford Springs you would know that it’s a VERY small town off of rt. 84 (about 30 minutes from Hartford). I am not even sure they have traffic lights here… making this quaint  town,  a breath of fresh air!

I normally don’t spend time shopping in Stafford Springs, however, this visit brought a new hip vintage store to my attention! I spotted Three Graces Vintage Shop while getting lunch at Middle Ground Cafe on Main Street.  Since there is always time to review a vintage shop (I cut my lunch break down…ok) I took a quick opportunity to check out this new spot.

Stepping into Three Graces Vintage was like stepping back in time.  The clothing, jewelry and accessories were straight out of a different era.

A view from the sidewalk

Super cool under garment from the early 1900’s

Great clutch… and only $3!

Tie, anyone?

That is one colorful rack of vintage goods!

Love these hats! So chic and classic.

So many good finds!!!

The store also has a side section that is focused on local artists!  I love it when small businesses include the local artists!  The owner told me that she plans on doing a fashion show with fashion students from the local college this Fall! I hope to get an invite to that fun event… so cool!

Photography from a local artist decorate the store

Overall, I really enjoyed this store. The owner and her daughter were very welcoming and informative about all the items.  Everything in the store was very well maintained, and clean.  If you find yourself on rt. 84 in Connecticut, take a quick road trip to Stafford Springs! This quaint town and Three Graces Vintage shop will not disappoint you!





Cambridge, MA – Poor Little Rich Girl

Poor Little Rich Girl  – 121 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA  (617) 873-0809 ‎ –

It was a very HOT and HUMID Saturday afternoon in Boston when I headed out to Poor Little Rich Girl in Cambridge. I drove past this store last year, and have been dying to check it out ever since.  I decided to take the red line and walk from the MIT stop. It was about a ten minute walk, not bad in normal Boston weather, but this weekend was HOT (did I say that already..haha), so I was so happy to arrive to an air conditioned store!!!

Before walking in, I was excited to see a $5 rack outside to great me  (no weather is too extreme not to look.)

A nice welcoming rack!

Right before I passed out from the heat, I found a great pencil skirt… Score… So decided it was time to head inside and introduce myself. Right away I spoke with the owner and learned more about the store and the store name. Turns out she got the idea from a movie (love the insider scoop)!  Poor Little Rich Girl has two large rooms.  The room you walk into first, is full of contemporary second hand clothing… including labels such as  J-Crew, Banana Republic, Burberry and  Seven Jeans, just to name a few designers.

I loved the eclectic look of the store. It was like pretty met retro and had a relationship 🙂

Oh, Hello!

As I continued to look around, I fell in love with this Vintage inspired flower skirt. It had attitude and vintage style, to give anyone a great look.

50’s Floral Circle Skirt – $48

With my pencil skirt and vintage skirt in tow, I headed into the vintage section of the store. Immediately I thought “super cool” as I walked through and saw racks of vintage everything… dresses, shirts, pants, kids clothing, men’s clothing, accessories and records fill the back end of this store.  I didn’t know where to begin!  This is normally a good problem is the vintage world 🙂 So I dove right in!

Hello, Vintage Section!

I found this tie in the Men’s Section… So cool!

An Old School Harvard Tie

You would see any of these hats in Mad Men… For sure!

There was a creative touch everywhere you looked

Overall, I would say the Poor Little Rich Girl is a great shopping experience not to be missed.

You can find anything from business attire to 1950’s lingerie to a $5 Mad Men Inspired pencil skirt! That is why I love going to second hand stores… you just never know what you will find! Speaking of – I bet you’re wondering what I ended up buying??? Well, check out a taste of the flowered vintage dress I got, below. More photos to come this week on how I wore it!

I’m now the proud owner of a 1970’s vintage dress

Boston You’re My Home!

“Love that dirty water – Boston you’re my home” 

Are you have flashbacks of drinking beer at Fenway Park and yelling at Yankee fans?!

Nothing like a good Sox game on a summer day… or a nice cold $9 beer and a $10 Fenway Frank

Or maybe your mind goes right to walking in the Garden for a Celtics Game!

Cheering on the C’s with my bestie, Brenna!

Or maybe you just think of riding the public transit… nothing like the Orange Line on a hot summer afternoon! Wicked Awesome, right?!

No matter what memory you have, you have to admit, Boston is wicked sweet!

So my mission for the rest of the summer is pretty simple… find the best second hand stores in this glorious city of mine! I do so much traveling around New England, that I don’t give Boston my full attention! But, I have made the decision, to get out there, show you the good, the bad and the ugly! Where to start, is the only question that comes to mind. There are so many great stores, especially in Cambridge, that I just don’t even know where to begin.

Ok, I can’t multiply myself…. so I must focus on a few for this weekend! Here goes –

1. The Haberdash –

Where:  SoWa Open Market in the South End – This Sunday 10AM – 4PM

A vintage Store on Wheels!!

2. The Garment District 

Where: 200 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

Photo courtesy of Desert Companion

3. Great Eastern Trading Co

Where: 49 River Street, Cambridge, MA
My excitement to get out and explore these unique stores is now building!!!!  Make sure to check back in on my reviews of all these locations next week!
For now, I will leave you with my favorite view of the city!