So fashionable

This week I’m feeling really fashionable! So I thought I would post two outfits worthy of sharing from this past week. I also am learning how to master Pic Stich!

Last Friday-

Pink Pants: Old Navy
Black Shirt: J.Crew
Cowboy Boots: Vintage


Dress: Petticoat Alley
Shoes: Kate Spade
Emerald Green Wool Coat: Vintage
Bracelets: Alex & Ani, Silpada

Lets see if I can keep this fashion streak going!
Have a fab week!

2013 Spring Trends To Love & Hate

While I don’t consider myself a major fashionista, I do like to like to know what the future trends are!   I recently wrote an article for golocalprov.coma and wanted to share it with you! Check it out!

NY Fashion Week has just wrapped up! Whether you’re into fashion or you will just be paging through your favorite tabloid magazine, you can expect to see a new set of fashion trends this spring. To break it down for you, here are what the trends for Spring 2013 are shaping up to be, and whether they’re to love–or to hate.

Spring 2013 Trends To Love

Black and White: Not your typical happy-go-lucky spring colors, but I’m loving it. No need to switch out your dark winter colors (brilliant). Plus, this trend is easy enough for the everyday gal to pull off.

Flats and Low Heels: Finally, wearing flats and low heels are in! No need to squeeze your feet into high heels and feel uncomfortable all day. This trend better be here to stay!

Shorts Suits: Ladies, put your skirts away and pull out your shorts. Turns out this look was on dozens of runways and is the perfect blend of masculine and holy hotness. I love this because you can mix and match what your already have in your closet.


Bold Stripes: In my mind, stripes never go out of style. So, this doesn’t seem like a “new” trend, but we’ll take it.


Colors: Yellow, royal blue and white on white are the all the rage for this spring. Bright, clean and fresh – Love it!



The Trends That Are Questionable:

Peekabo Pieces: For some reason, I just can’t see the everyday woman wearing a dress with her skin peeking out. The idea of this trend is super chic and sexy, but I’m not sold.

Gold Evening Wear: You can never go wrong with gold, but implementing evening wear into the everyday will be tough. Feeling so-so about this one.

The Trends To Hate:

Exaggerated Sizes: Why would I ever want to put on a dress or pair of pants that made me look four sizes bigger than I am? This trend seems horrific and needs to end at the end of the runway.

Crop Tops and Bralettes: The only thing that comes to mind when thinking of crop tops is Jennifer Lopez dancing in the movie Selena. Bras are great… under a shirt. Period.

Bermuda Shorts: The Bermuda shorts that hit the runways of NYC looked uncomfortable and odd. I’m all for a loose pair of khaki Bermuda shorts, but what looks to be the newest trend is frumpy and frightful. Hopefully, the look of the runway will be toned down for the everyday gal.


Think Spring – Think Warm Weather!

Tayor 🙂

My Nemo Diary

If you currently live in New England you got a taste of Nemo. During the storm I was in Hartford, CT at the Marriott for work. While, I would have loved to be home, being stuck at the Marriott wasn’t that bad! Brunch, swimming, hot tubbing, and nice dinners rounded out this one day vacation! My good friend Kristen, who I happen to work with, was with me to complete the adventure!
Nemo caused a lot of destruction and beauty all at once. Check out my experience!

The snow begins to mount up as I watch from the hotel restaurant.

Road closures and a CT state emergency kept us held right at the Marriott.

So what did we do?!

First, we hit the gym! No sneakers – no problem! “Workin’ it!”

Second on the list, brunch! Hello, waffle. I love you!


Thirdly, a walk to explore the snow damage and Beaty was a must!



One of my favorite photos of the journey was this shot. The local pigeons are sunning themselves. Even pigeons need their vitamin D!

Next up – a dip in the pool and hot tub!


Followed by some wine – thanks to our publicist!!

And dinner – yum!

On Sunday – it was back to work we go!

Kristen and I will never forget where we were when Nemo hit!

Vintage Valentine’s Day

You have two days till the big V-Day! Do you have a gift for your sweetheart yet? Well, if not, don’t worry. I have some creative and unique ideas to make you look like a stud/vixen.
Check out my latest article on buying Vintage Valentine’s Gifts for some fun (and very affordable) ideas!

Here is a taste of the article –

Message In A Bottle:

Memory Jar:

Vintage Tin Boxes:


Have a splendid day!

Don’t forget to check out the article!!!

Vintage Vermont Finds

Where do you go if you need to find eclectic antiques? Vermont – Dah!

Well, it just so happens, I was away in VT for my birthday ski trip and got a chance to visit local antique hot spots. Skiing & antique stores = the perfect weekend!

It started off with some skiing at Killington. Although, four of their main lifts were closed (really Killington), soooo we headed to the bar early! When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade!! Right?!


After we listened to some live tunes and sipped on local beers, we headed out see what the Woodstock shopping scene was like!

20130211-085924.jpg With my skills, of course we found a store open 🙂

Ellaway’s Attic Consignment
14 Central St. Woodstock, VT
(802) 457-1066
Headed up to see what cool vintage finds they have!









Overall, we both enjoyed this this store! Shopping at antique stores, such as this one, is like a treasure hunt. You just never know what you will find!
After a day of skiing, drinking beer and shopping we were ready to hit our B & B to regroup for Sunday!

Sunday was a beautiful day! We started it off with a good long snow shoe hike.



Snow shoeing was certainly a blast, but, it was time to check out more antique stores! We stumbled upon The Vermont Antique Mall in Quechee on our drive out of Woodstock. This antique mall is huge! At every corner you turn there is something interesting to look at. We both had a ball looking around this store. I also scored a $14 leather bag! One of the best parts about this store – Cabot Cheese has a attached store with lots of cheese samples! A win-win, for sure.

The Vermont Antique Mall
5573 Woodstock RD, Quechee, VT
(802) 295-1550



20130211-104014.jpg Cheese heaven!
Get ready for some interesting finds at this Antique Mall!











A well rounded fun filled weekend!

A pretty interesting fish!! Ha-ha
Have a good week!

DIY: Refurbished Candle Sticks

Refurbished Candle Sticks
I found these candle sticks at Savers this past fall. A busy schedule has kept me from refurbishing them. Until now! This project was so easy. The trick is having the guts to buy something with no appeal and see a new vision for it. Creativity is key!


1. Find something to refurbish
– Visit your local Savers, Goodwill or Salvation Army to find items that have refurbish appeal!
– Start small. Especially if the idea of this seems overwhelming.
– Look for pieces that have quality characteristics.


– These candle sticks had style appeal, constructed well and were priced right. I knew with a little TLC and a good coat of paint I could turn them from gaudy to fabulous!
2. Get your crafting tools out
– If you don’t have any supplies visit Michael’s Craft Store to pick up all your necessities.
– Don’t over think this. One color of paint will work just fine. Sometimes simple is more.


– I originally was going to use crackle paint. But felt simple was better in this case. since the candle sticks already had a design on them.
– Most items you will pick up will need more than a coat of paint. Dont panic. A good cleaning and sanding is sometimes necessary to get a clean look.



– I only had to do light cleaning and sanding. Since the design on the wood was so cool, I decided to keep it. Which was the right choice!
– You may have you use two or three coats of paint to achieve the right look. Don’t be lazy – do it right.


I decided to get fancy and I painted the top with light brown. It was a nice accent color to the light turquoise I used on the main part of the candle sticks.


Overall, I think they came out quite nicely!




Have a good night!

Vintage Finds in Newburyport, MA

A few weeks ago my sister, Rachael, and I got a chance to shop around Newburyport. Rachael currently lives in Newburyport, so she knew about the latest and greatest vintage stores. I grew up in a town close to Newburyport and always felt a trip to shop here was a special treat. The feeling still remains the same till this day. Except this time, I’m hunting for cool vintage finds vs. following my mom around from store to store. 🙂 Even though that was fun too.

If you have never been to Newburyport – you’re missing out. Fantastic restaurants and shops line the cobble stone streets. AND they have the best ice cream shop – Gram’s on State Street (of course this is just my opionion). Newburyport is located on the water, so you can have a nice stroll with that ice cream cone, watch passing boats or set-up a picnic.  Or visit in the winter time… when streets are decorated to cheer up any grinch.


There are numerous fabulous vintage shops, clothing and furniture, in NBPT.  The one I can always remember going to with my mom is Flukes & Finds & Friends. Maybe this is where my love for all things vintage came to be… hmm… There is always something  refreshingly new and wonderfully vintage about this store that it keeps you coming back for more.

My sister and I were  excited to check out the newest vintage shop in town, Ivy Lane.   We also checked out our local favorite, Flukes & Finds, to compare one of the original  and newest  vintage/antique shops of Newburyport. Check out my review and photos below.

Ivy LN, Home Furnishings

31R Pleasant Street Newburyport, MA 01950. (978) 462-2650

Overall thoughts: Beautiful vintage finds
Recommend: If you’re looking to add creative decor to your home, go here.












Ivy Lane is feminine, chic and one of my new favorite stores. They had an array of vintage items, antiques and new items, such as pillows and painted signs.  There was nothing about this store that I didn’t love. Prices were mid level to high.

Now, one of the original vintage/antique stores in Newburyport-

Flukes & Finds & Friends
70 State Street Newburyport, MA 01950. ( 978) 463-6968
Overall thoughts: Classically an awesome spot to find antiques and vintage items.
Recommend: This is a great store to find vintage gifts and antique furniture.







IMG_2468 IMG_2469 IMG_2470

IMG_2475 IMG_2476 IMG_2477

As always, I could have stayed in Flukes & Finds & Friends for hours.  They never disappoint. Pricing here is more reasonable then Ivy Ln.  If you’re watching your budget, head here first before Ivy Lane.  Although, be prepared to fall in love at at Ivy Ln.

Get your shop on!