Can tents float?

Can tents float?

What a great question to ponder. It just so happens that I know the answer to this… and the answer is YES tents can float!

You might be wondering WHY in the heck I would write or even ponder this question. But it just so happens that yesterday while Jeb and I were out jet-skiing on Lake Powell our tent (with our expensive sleeping bags, sleeping pads, headlamps and pillows in it) flew into Lake Powell.

Our campsite was amazingly calm when we arrived on Sunday and when we left Monday morning for jet skiing – 

DSCN1297 DSCN1295 IMG_5724

Here I am enjoying Lake Powell, all while our tent is about to blow away – 


When we returned to our campsite, we didn’t see the tent.  An RV neighbor ran over and said saw it fly into the water and float across the lake.  Turns out she had been watching it for hours with her binoculars.  She pointed out a very small triangle in the middle of the lake and told us that was our tent. Needless to say, Jeb and I drove furiously down the beach trying to find anyone who could help us fetch our tent.

We saw some Kayaks, but it would have taken us hours to get there and pull the tent out of the water.  A few seconds later we saw a powerboat! EJ, the owner of the boat, was happy to help us retrieve our tent (phew). So we all hopped into the boat and  drove out to what we thought was our tent and in fact, it was! Miraculously all of our stuff was still inside and was just floating along (in 95 ft of water) with one very large air pocket.

Our return with the tent – 

DSCN1309 DSCN1307

After getting one of our bikes stolen on Saturday, the thought of losing our tent too was extremely upsetting! We were so VERY LUCKY we had nice people looking out for us.


After all the craziness we headed to a Holiday Inn Express to dry out all our stuff!


Karma is always watching

To: The person who stole Jeb’s bike in the Grand Canyon parking lot

Are you riding your new mountain bike today? I sure hope so; although you may be too tired since stealing the bike off our roof and breaking the lock must have been tiring. Or maybe your just bragging to all your friends about how sick your new bike is? Either way, all we can say is we REALLY hope you needed that bike. I know it has brought us a lot of happiness, so you better ride it, and ride it good.
But just a word for the wise – Karma is always watching! Maybe you need buy a shirt like mine to remind you of this daily.

P.S. Thank you for not stealing our skis, ski boots and helmets that were also on the roof.
– Taylor (and Jeb)

Vintage in Your Wedding

Love this post on adding vintage into your wedding! These ideas would incorporate well into house decor as well!

The Blog

Melissa, at Style Me Pretty recently blogged about “12 Ways to Incorporate Vintage Decor Into Your Wedding.” I love this article! This is what New England Vintage is all about. She says, “there is something so gosh darn charming + romantic about finding treasures from another time and place that make our hearts skip a beat.” I completely agree.

The article makes twelve fantastic suggestions, many that I use in New England Vintage styling!

Vintage cake and dessert stands:

Authentic dairy crates:

Vintage suitcase for cards:

Vintage lounge seating:

Vintage flower vessels:

Vintage books:

Mismatched table settings:

Vintage glassware:

Banners made from old handkerchiefs: (can’t say that these were made from old hankies, but I love the look)

The article also suggests vintage frames,  mini banners, and preserves wrapped in vintage fabric as favors.

I’ll add a few of my own, too! These some of my favorite ways to incorporate vintage items…

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Breckenridge Thrift Shop

Along my travels across the US I am staying true to my roots… And trying to shop locally at thrift and vintage shops. In between mountain hopping and skiing in Colorado I got a chance to do some shopping in Breckenridge (love this town.)
While poking around I came across For Pet’s Sake.

This was the first thrift shop I have been to where all the proceeds benefit local animals in need. The concept is simple and for a wonderful cause. Love it!


They had an array of options to shop from. Including winter attire, books, shoes, woman’s clothing, housewares and men’s clothing.




Jeb (again) waiting patiently for me!

I ended up buying a checkered buff for $6. I have been wearing it ever since then:)

Have a good night!