East Coast Vs. West Coast


East Coast Vs. West Coast: 

Traveling through California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia taught me one thing – I LOVE THE WEST COAST.  Seriously, there are fewer bugs, bigger mountains, fabulous weather, and continuous adventures to seek out day after day.  However, after much consideration,  I’ve decided I’m an East Coast/New England girl through and through.

Here are the reasons why I’m sticking-up for East Coast:

1. American History: From Boston to D.C the east coast is jam packed with interesting facts!

2. Seasons: Pulling out your winter clothing is like buying a new wardrobe!

3. More Challenges: Skiing on ice =  a better skier | Hiking on rougher trails = a better hiker

4. Less Pressure:  We don’t have the responsibility of figuring out what the next trend is.

5. Quaint Villages:  The Gloucester fishing villages, and their history, don’t exist out west.

6. No Attitude: I swear, everyone on the west coast thinks it’s “the best!” Us East Coast kids don’t brag, we keep our heads down and our mouths shut.

7. Cobblestone Streets:  Walking down these adorable streets may break your ankle (especially if wearing high heels), but it’s well worth the challenge.

8. Cape Cod & Nantucket: Lets be real, there is no other place quite like Cape Cod & Nantucket.

To help you get a understanding of my East Coast love, I’m sharing a few of my favorite photos:

So, there are my reasons.  Do you have any why you love the East Coast? Please share!

Taylor 🙂

Vintage Diva in Newburyport, MA



Getting a chance to check out this quaint, yet odd, shop last week was a miracle!  They seem to always be closed, even on busy weekends, making it tough to shop there.   With my new camera and sister in tow,  I didn’t pass up this small miracle  to check out what this mysterious store was all about.

The main windows  of this store are beautiful, featuring high-end clothing and adorable accessories.  But once you venture inside, you are hit with a hodgepodge of things, ranging from lingerie, dinner dishes, jeans, artwork, non-vintage jewelry, bath products and shoes.  Needless to say, I was disappointed in the lack of fashion they had in the windows. To me, it seemed as though they have not found their niche.  However, I did find a few beautiful items worth sharing –

All and all I had fun taking these photos, but wouldn’t recommend this for the everyday shopper.   If you find yourself passing by and the store is open, it’s worth a stop in, but I wouldn’t go out of your way to shop here.




Learning Photography


Ever since I have been back from my big road trip I have been staying busy as a bee.  One of my new favorite skills I have been working on is photography. My sister, Rachael, owns her own Photography Company, Dragonfly Photography, so I have been taking classes and going on photo shoots with her.  Taking photos has always been a passion of mine, but I guess I didn’t realize just how much I enjoy it.

Do I look like a photographer yet?


Over the past week, Rachael and I have been working together on a few different shoots.  Here are a few of my favorite photos I have taken, using Instagram. Damn, that program is addicting!


IMG_8318 IMG_8164

Learning to use a professional camera is going to take some time! Trying to figure out what settings your camera should be in at what time is no easy task! But, I am determined to figure it out and lucky for me, I come from a line of photographers, so I’m hoping my genetics will kick in at some point.

Here is my favorite photo I have taken so far with my professional camera! 

Image 1

Do you want to learn with me?  If so, Rachael  is offering two Beginner Photography Sessions this summer out of Newburyport, MA!

You can contact her at Dragonflyshots@gmail.com for more info!

Have a great day!

Taylor 🙂

Connecticut’s First Mobile Vintage Boutique

The Vintanthromobile: Connecticut’s FIRST mobile vintage boutique Shopping at The Vintanthromobile was a glorious experience for me, and Jeb too!  First off, the owner, Melissa Gonzales, and her crew, are the  nicest people; chatting with Jeb for an hour and talking to me … Continue reading


Happy Birthday, America!
These last three months of touring the U.S. has given me more appreciation for this country then ever!

I think about the people who gave, and are still giving their lives to protect this country and all I can say is – Thank you, to all of those who make America, America!

I hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July! Here is a glimpse of my day from just outside Boston, MA. We were across the bay, giving us the perfect location to watch over our city.

Say hello to the perfect red-white-blue dress!

Paired with matching Jell-O shots!

Sunset over Boston!

Followed by nightly entertainment – gotta love it.

America really is a beautiful place, and I can’t wait to keep discovering it!
Enjoy the weekend!