“I work out”


With all those tasty watermelon beers in the fridge it’s so hard to stay healthy in the summer. I mean seriously, ice cream, hot dogs, pasta salad, and margaritas seem to be everywhere! Since I turned 30 this year I decided now was the perfect time to get better educated on what I’m eating, how my food choices affect me and also learning some new and exciting exercise routines. Basically, it was time to step it up!

My timing for wanting to be more fitness focused worked out  perfectly because I met a fabulous certified nutrition & wellness coach, Christy LeMire, at a Newburyport networking event in mid May.   This past summer we have been working together on a weekly basis.  I even did a one week juice cleanse in July!  It was a challenge, but I never felt more happy and healthy than at the end of that cleanse.  I remember going to lunch with a friend at the end of the cleanse and I just couldn’t stop smiling… it was endorphins overload and I loved it!


Christy is amazing!  She is down-to-earth, personable and realistic. Even when I cheated on my health cleanse (of course I had to have some dark chocolate) she totally understood and didn’t make me feel bad.  Her support just encouraged me to keep going and make changes in the cleanse when need-be.


The first big thing I noticed after the cleanse is my eating habits. I have to say, I really have amped up eating more healthy, all-natural, and non-processed foods on a daily basis. For example – In the morning instead of having a wheat blueberry waffle with peanut butter  I have a kale, banana, berry and almond milk smoothie.  Yum!


Along with helping me eat better Christy also gives me private yoga and pilates lessons!  Yes, I feel so cool saying “oh, I’m going to meet my private yoga teacher.”  We work together in various Newburyport studios using the reformers to build out those muscles and head outside to work on our yoga poses! We may just have too much fun together 🙂

yoga -01

If you have never done yoga outside I highly recommend it! With winter approaching fast you better get moving to soak up the remaining summer and fall rays.

Currently Christy is working on launching a new service just for brides-to-be!  So if you know any soon-to-be brides think about working with Christy to get you mentally and physically ready to say “I do.”  Can you imagine having a private yoga lesson the morning of your wedding with your  bridesmaids?! I just love this idea!

She is located out of Newburyport and is taking new clients. She also teaches yoga at many local studios throughout Newburyport and Georgetown, MA.

Learn more and visit her Facebook Page and website

Hope you feel inspired to eat more kale and almonds this week! Ha!

Taylor 🙂


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