Long Lake in Maine

long lake-01

Most of my childhood memories involve Long Lake. My grandparents had a lake house here until I was about 13.  Every summer my parents would drop me and my sister off and dance in their car (literally) as they drove off.  I guess we probably also were dancing, because what child wouldn’t want to spend their summer at a lake house?! So thanks mom and dad for making that 3 hr drive from Malden so we could experience the best of summer!

Every day we would swim, search for odd critters, make-up plays, play crocket, wander around and just explore.  It was honestly the best childhood a girl could ask for.  I am beyond lucky to be able to feel this way and I hope that one day I can give the memories that my parents and grandparents provided for me to my children and grandchildren.

So when Jeb and I found ourselves near the old cabin this September I just HAD to visit.  Jeb was very weary about us just walking down the driveway and onto someones property but with my relentless (and very nostalgic) attitude there was no convincing me out of it.  I had a plan for approaching the owners –  I would simply explain that my best childhood memories happened at your house and I NEED to relive it at least for a few minutes.  I mean really,  how could they say “no” to me!

Turns out they were not home!  The next store neighbor was home and we chatted with him for a while. He was great and allowed me to run free on the property. It was such a happy day for me. Most of the property looked exactly the same and boy was it cool to be back there!

A quick walk down memory lane – The photos are not the best but hey you get the idea!

longloke old photos (102 of 4)

My parents! I think they were around 28 in this photo.

longloke old photos (101 of 4)

Hanging with the neighbor’s grandkids, Kenny and Nicole, who are still great friends of ours today!

PS. Loving the minnie shirt I am rocking!

longloke old photos (100 of 4)

We were obsessed with our floats! We all fought over the whale and turtle. Being the youngest I mostly got forced to ride the lobster!


longloke old photos (103 of 4)

I LOVE THIS PHOTO! Captures everything about the place. I am even wearing my yellow life jacket that I lived in.

The Cabin Now – 

longloke (103 of 23)longloke (104 of 23) longloke (101 of 23) longloke (102 of 23)  longloke (111 of 23)  longloke (105 of 23) longloke (107 of 23) longloke (114 of 23) IMG_5197 IMG_5219

It took me over 17 years to finally go back and visit and it still gave me the same feeling as it did when I was a kid.

Did you have a favorite place you spent as a kid?  Have you ever gone back to visit? Hope you have a great day!


PS. We even got to visit the old antique store my mom used to take me to… It was definitely a little run down, but it was fun to check out!

longloke (117 of 23) longloke (116 of 23) longloke (122 of 23) longloke (119 of 23) longloke (118 of 23)




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