The PERFECT Engagement Dress!

Yes, that’s right… I’M ENGAGED!

After dating for 4 very adventurous and blissful years Jeb popped the question while on vacation on the Cape this past summer! 🙂   These past few months have been beyond fun… filled with road tripping adventures to explore venues and of course, engagement photos.

Deciding what to wear to my engagement shoot was definitely on my mind for the weeks leading up to our shoot.  I mean, our grandkids will see these photos one day! It had to be the perfect dress!

So naturally I headed to a few of my favorite thrift stores, including Savers in Danvers, MA to hunt for the perfect dress!


And to make sure I picked the RIGHT dress, I brought along the cutest shopping partners.


Along the way I scooped up some keepers in the house and accessory section.

IMG_5580 IMG_5567

While walking through the dress section I found the best corduroy dress from LL. Bean!  I didn’t have much time to try it on, but figured I would take the risk and purchase it. Plus every purchase I make supports the Epilepsy Foundation New England (see down below for more info on Savers’ nonprofit partners) so how could I go wrong!

Turns out this dress (only $8) will be the one my future grandkids will be seeing in some 30ish years!  It was the perfect dress for our Cider Hill photo shoot with the very talented Dragonfly Photography!

Tay & Jeb (220 of 127)

Que the romantic music  –

Tay & Jeb (283 of 127) Tay & Jeb (269 of 127) Tay & Jeb (263 of 127) Tay & Jeb (231 of 127) Tay & Jeb (204 of 127)

Pretty awesome – right!  Thanks Savers for always coming through and keeping me on track with my wedding budget.

Why shopping at Savers and ALWAYS a good idea!

Savers partners with more than 150 nonprofits in the U.S. and Canada and the company’s goal is that every store partners with an organization that benefits the community in which they do business. Each store pays its nonprofit partner for every single donation made through the nonprofit’s home donation pick-up service or at the Community Donation Center located at each Savers location- whether the item sells or not. This turns otherwise unused goods into sustainable revenue that supports the nonprofits’ programs and services in the local community.

In the Boston area, Savers partners with Epilepsy Foundation New England and in Providence, Savers partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State. All donations are eligible for a tax refund credit and depending on what program your local Savers follows, donors will often receive a discount coupon to use on their next Savers purchase.

Hope you have a great day!



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