Affordable Holiday Wedding Decorations

Savers Wedding  (155 of 95)

I’m currently in the midst of planning my wedding so decorations and DIY ideas are constantly on my mind! And since tomorrow is Christmas I thought today would be the perfect day to share my thoughts on finding decorations for a holiday themed wedding.

If you’re having a wedding next November or December NOW is the perfect time to start your shopping. Many stores are having sales with big discounts on all things holiday.  One store I continuously love for everything and anything (accept food and alcohol) is Savers!  Many of their New England stores have great decorating and housewares sections that allow you to buy affordable and unique holiday wedding decor.

Over the last two months I have probably been to 10 – 12 different  Saver’s locations throughout New England on the search for wedding decorations. While looking for my own wedding I just happened to ensemble the perfect holiday wedding table setting (if only I was getting married next Christmas…)! Check it out –

Shopping for Holiday Wedding Decor and Table Settings:

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Shopping at Savers – Lets Break it Down:

Table cloths and/or table setting: I found this gorgeous lace overlay (really a curtain) for $2.99 and (6) red table settings for just $2.99. Normal table cloths will run you anywhere from $10 – $50. Savers has an array of different able cloths.. but be prepared to hunt at numerous different locations if you’re going for a similar color scheme.

Candle holders: I found these antique brass candle holders for $1.99 and $2.99. Most of their candles range from $1 – $8.

Vases:  Savers has so many great glass and unique vases that this is probably the easiest item to shop for. This copper plated vase was just $2.99.

Plates:  A new trend popping up is using assorted vintage plates at their wedding.  I feel like I have had this idea for years, but I won’t take the credit ;).  Savers has a ton of assorted plates and collections to choose from. I dd buy one of the most expensive plates because I loved it… but most are less than $5.

Vintage Tins: I love vintage tins! They can serve so many different purposes and at an affordable price!  Try using a vintage tin to hold your bridesmaids gifts or for a welcome gift for your guests. Most tins are around $1.

I had so much fun putting together the perfect holiday themed look for less! I was really thinking that maybe I should have been a wedding planner!

What do you think?  Would you buy your wedding decorations at Savers?

Have a wonderful Christmas!



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