Thrifty Wedding Decorations

Over the past year I have been planning, prepping, designing and most importantly thrifting for our September wedding.  Just like that the wedding weekend came and gone but it’s so fun to look back at how it came together so beautifully! I’m going to give updates in a few posts – decorations, designs and the overall recap, since there was SO much detail and effort that went into our 3-day wedding weekend.

First up – Decorations

As I said, I have been thrifting for about a year for this wedding and I promise you this was not an exaggeration. I cannot count how many times I went to Savers to hunt for lace curtains, table clothes, vintage candle sticks, vintage plaid ties, and plaid table clothes. Going into each store also helped me decide on our primary wedding colors – gold, green and cranberry!

Shopping galore –

Savers moodboard

Here is a recap on everything I found at Savers over the past year for our wedding:

  • Table Cloths:  I wanted to use table cloths that were elegant & vintage yet affordable. So I found 22 round tables cloths and 22 lace curtains at various Savers to make my vision come to life. I had to cut some of the table clothes to fit my round tables perfectly but it was easy if you use a pair of fabric scissors. I also found some great plaid accent vintage table cloths that looked great on the card table!
    • The look – First I layered the plain white/off white table cloth on the table and then put the lace curtain over it to give it a vintage and elegant look.
  • Vases: Every table had a different vase and that was the look I wanted! I found so many unique vases some that have now found a permanent home on my kitchen table.
    • The look – Since I picked all my own flowers at First Root Farm in Concord I had my day-of-coordinator fill each vase with different flower arrangements! She did a great job!
  • Vintage Candle Holders: I found over 50 vintage candle holders to use at my wedding!  Most are made of brass and have the tarnished look I was hoping for.
    • The Look – We placed all the candle holders onto the table (about 2 per table) and used white color candle sticks (found at Ikea) in them. It really helped set the mood for the night.
  • Frames:  Again, I wanted to do something different so used all different vintage frames to hold the table numbers.  Check out my blog post on this idea.
    • The best part is, now that the wedding is over I can put all my wedding photos in them!
  • Vintage Ties: I searched high and low to find the perfect vintage plaid ties for the Jeb and his groomsmen. I was thrilled with how the plaid tied everything together.
  • Handkerchiefs: As a gift for Jeb, my parents, and Jeb’s parents, I combined plaid hankies and extra material from my dress for a special gift before I walked down the isle! They loved it.


The best part is I can use all these decorations in my home, especially around the holiday season.

Are you getting married soon?! If so, I highly recommend taking a trip to Savers and checking out all their amazing goodies! If you do, make sure to share all your finds with me!

Thanks for reading, Taylor

TaylorJeb (55 of 82)


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