Harvard Square’s Observatory Boutique

Refreshing, interesting, quaint, and beautifully eclectic are the words that come to mind when talking about my visit to Observatory in Cambridge, MA. Located about a mile outside of Harvard Square this gem of a store is worth the walk (or … Continue reading

Tips For Shopping Yard Sales


The summer is approaching fast; which means sunscreen, cold drinks, ice cream, swimming, camping, and yard sales are on the horizon. My love for shopping at yard sales is only natural since I’m always on the hunt for the best second-hand stores. However, I realize that shopping at yard sales is not for everyone… so here are seven quick tips for getting the most out of yard sale experience.

Finding a Yard Sale:It always seems that you see a yard sale sign one week too late. So to avoid this problem, stake out all the local yard sales ahead of time. Here are few spots you can check – Classifieds section in your local newspaper, local community bulletin boards/websites, craigslist.com, church notes in your local paper (great spot to find info on a church yard sale), and signs/posters on street intersections.

Timing It Right: Most, if not all yard sales take place on Saturday morning. The earlier you get there the better the pickings will be. However, you don’t want to arrive hours early and annoy the yard sale host. Your chance of getting a good deal will dwindle quickly if you’re sitting on their grass stalking their goods like a hawk.

Know What You’re Looking For: If you’re looking for children’s clothing/toys, you wouldn’t shop at a retirement community yard sale; would you?.Or if you were looking for high-end shoes, you wouldn’t shop at a yard sale located in a poverty stricken neighborhood… Bottom line is – be smart and think about what you’re looking for. Using this tactic will help you narrow down your amount of stops and reduce your gas milage.

Dress Correctly: Don’t show-up to a yard sale with your high heels on. Wear the right clothing and the right shoes to maximize your time and save your nice clothing. The last thing you want is to be slipping all over a wet lawn because you wore flip flops. Or ruin your white pants from carrying a dirty vintage chest you found. Wearing sneakers or closed toed shoes is your best bet to avoid sand, dust, wetness and critters from getting in your way of a bargain.

Come Prepared: Shopping at a yard sale is nothing like shopping at Macy’s. You need to be prepared with cash and not just a $100 bill. Bring $1’s, $5,s, $10’s and $20’s. Being prepared will help get you the best deal possible.

Negotiate First: My first question to any host is “what do you want for this”? By asking them first you’re able to see what they really want for the item and negotiate from there.

Shop Quality: Just because you’re shopping at a yard sale doesn’t mean you should buy junk. Look at items thoroughly and know that you most likely can not return the item.

Happy hunting!

Skiing and Vintage Finds in Vermont

Twice Upon A Time- 63 Main St – Brattleboro, VT-(802)254-2261  -http://www.twicetime.com

Overall Thoughts: This is one of my favorite vintage/antique spots! Need I say more…

Recommend: If you’re looking for vintage clothing, furniture and cool antiques all well priced, head here.

Skiing and vintage finds = the perfect weekend

Last weekend I scored big time. That is with great skiing conditions at Mt. Snow in VT.  🙂  Seriously, it was the best skiing conditions I have encountered all year and I was there for 3 days!! Skiing powder with my family and best friends was so much fun.

Friday - gorgeous

IMG_3641   IMG_3644

Back to my other passion – vintage!  

On our journey home we always stop at Twice Upon A Time in Brattleboro.  This store has been one of my favorites for a as long as I have been coming to VT to ski!  To me, there is nothing better then hitting the slopes for a morning and then checking out the local vintage shops in the afternoon.

This store is always a must stop for me. You never know what you will find and I love that.  Plus it is HUGE! Expect to wander around for at least an hour in this three floor treasure hunt.


IMG_3723 IMG_3725 IMG_3722 IMG_3721 IMG_3720 IMG_3719 IMG_3718 IMG_3717 IMG_3716 IMG_3715 IMG_3714 IMG_3713 IMG_3711

Enjoy! I know we did!


Vintage clothing, Retro Furniture and albums

Northampton, MA
Stores: Retro Genie, Turn It Up & Roz’s Place

Ahh… Northampton. Full of eclectic shops, vintage clothing and yummy dining options. I headed to this hidden treasure (I’m talking for all of us who didn’t go to college in Western Mass) a few weeks ago with my boyfriend’s cousins – Rachael and Ian.

Let me tell you, these two are pros at hopping around town. They know the good vintage shops, the delish burger joints and the local museums. Lets just say that hanging with these two crazy kids was an adventurous treat!

Here they are… Ready to shop 🙂

Retro Genie – 26 Strong Ave
This place is a blast from the past! The first floor is full of unique vintage clothing, while downstairs has numerous retro housewares and furniture. The quality was great, however, keep in mind, prices were on the higher end. Check out the photos from this hot spot!







Next up –
Turn It Up – 5 Pleasant St.
LOVE this store for so many reasons.
Number 1 – you can listen to any CD before you purchase
Number 2 – prices are 30-50% cheaper then if bought retail
Number 3 – they have an amazing collection of DVDs, CDs and records






Lastly was –
Roz’s Place – 6 Bridge St.
This was a great vintage store. They had fantastic clothing, all at affordable prices. We had a blast trying on clothes and picking up a few Christmas gifts.








Special thanks to my models and shopping buddies for the day – Rachael and Ian! I had a blast with you both!

Have a good day!

Boston, MA – SoWa Vintage Market

SoWa Vintage Market  -460C Harrison Ave – Boston, MA

Overall thoughts: A great adventure in finding unique vintage treasures and crafts


It was another hot weekend when I decided it was time to check out SoWa Vintage Market in South Boston. The location is very easy to get to… My advice is to park in Southie or take the redline to the Broadway T stop and walk over the bridge towards the South End. However, if you’re planning on buying big items, such as furntiure, I would drive and park there. This is also very easy.

My initial reason for heading here was to do a review on the Haberdash Vintage Trailer.  Once I got their I realized there was so, so, so much that the SoWa Vintage Market offered.  When you walk in you don’t even know where to begin. The entrance welcomes you with vendor after vendor of unique crafts, vintage clothing and food trucks.

A sea of arts and crafts from local vendors

The first thing to catch my eye, were these two  New England inspired paintings below. How cool!?

  A perfect fit for the blog, indeed 🙂

While I didn’t find the Haberdash Vintage Trailer, I did find their new bus!  Love it!

Now, this is a bus I wouldn’t mind taking a ride on!

As my journey continued, I realized inside was were I needed to be! The inside of SoWa Vintage Market features many different vintage and antique vendors from all around New England.  I love these types of places because you never know what you will find! Here is a quick photo overview of what I found inside!

I’m ready to head in and explore!

Antique Bottles… Beautiful!

       Great addition to any belt! 

So much to look at, so little time!

Nautical Boat.

God Bless America

An original and artistic display!


Need creative storage…

The photos could go on and on, with all the cool stuff I found.  I encourage you to head to the SoWa Vintage when you have a free Sunday. You can visit them at http://www.SoWaVintageMarket.com to learn more about their directions, hours and special promotions.

Their indoor market is open every Sunday from 10AM – 4PM year round. AND did I mention the entrance is Free!

We ended the day with nice BBQ sandwich 🙂