My week of second-hand outfits

I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could pull of a week straight of wearing second-hand clothing/items!  So, this past week, I put my money where my mouth is, and tried it.  Since my wardrobe is not 100% full of second-hand clothing… I mixed in some clothing I already had in my closet.

What I found was, challenge or no challenge, I usually am wearing a vintage or consignment piece of clothing!  So, this really wasn’t a huge challenge for me. The true challenge would be wearing outfits (top to bottom) that are 100% from a second-hand store…okay, maybe not the underwear, but you get the picture.  Either way, I had fun compiling these outfits and hope you see that you can shop second-hand and still be stylish and SAVE MONEY.


Last day of 2012!

IMG_2175 IMG_2173

Monday’s Outfit:

Leopard Print Shoes: Steve Madden – already in my closet

Mint Green Pants: Old Navy – already in my closet

Cream Vintage Sweater: Purchased at The Garment District in Cambridge, MA ($9.99)

Polka Dot Sweater: Merona, purchased at The Goodwill ($4.99)


IMG_2407 IMG_2406

Tuesday’s Outfit:

Black Dress: Ann Klein – already in my closet

Blue Printed Shirt:  Old Navy –  Purchased from Modern Millie’s ($2)



Wednesday’s Outfit: 

Vintage Velvet Blazer: Purchased from  Foreign Affair Warehouse in Providence ($28)

Pink T-shirt: The Gap – Already in my closet

Gold Earrings: Already in my closet

Martini: Just delicious!


IMG_2405 IMG_2404

Thursday’s Outfit:

Plaid Skirt: Vintage and purchased from the Goodwill in Quincy, MA ($4.99)

Black Shirt: Gap – already in my closet

Black Flats: H & M  – already in my closet




Friday’s Outfit:

Fun Dress: Mimi Chic – already in my closet

Cowboy Boots: Texas – purchased from NAVA in Providence, RI ($65)

Vintage Leather Clutch: Honestly, I have had this clutch for years, and I can’t remember what thrift store I purchased it at 😦 All I know is was under $10 and I LOVE IT!



Saturday’s Outfit:

Cheated a bit here and considered my winter coat as an “outfit” for the day 🙂

Vintage Nude Wool Coat: Purchased from North Hampton Hospice Thrift Shop ($8)

Brown Purse: H & M – Already in my closet

Gloves & Scarf: Already in my closet


IMG_2403 IMG_2402 IMG_2400

Sunday’s Outfit:

As you can see, I am a skier! As a thrifty gal I am always on the look out for great ski gear at decent prices. Check out my price for my GORTEX pants!

Off- White Sweater: LL Bean, purchased from Bloomingdeals in Salem, NH for $25

Black Gortex Pants: Purchased from Second Time Around with the tags still on them for $25!!! These usually go for $230.

Orange Ski Jacket: The North Face  – Already in my closet

All and all a great week 🙂 

Hope your week  is off to a great start!


Jaffrey, NH – The Thrifty Bear

The Thrifty Bear
2 Main St., Jaffrey, NH (603)532-7553

Thoughts: A quaint consignment shop with great finds!
Recommend: They have womans, kids, an men’s clothing, so this is a spot for everyone. They do carry more woman’s clothing and accessories then anything else.

A few weeks ago I hiked Mt. Monadnock in NH with friends and family. A great hiking spot for sure! We got done a bit early so I encouraged a trip to The Thrifty Bear, which is located 10 minutes from the mountain.
Here is a shot of Jeb from the top! My favorite shot of the day!

Ok, now onto the shopping 🙂
Heading into The Thrifty Bear I didn’t know what to expect. Immediately, I began hitting the racks, searching for quality and unique pieces. Turns out this cute shop is full of fabulous stuff! All well priced as well… Score!
I continued along taking photos and introduced myself to the owner. Fun fact – she just took over the shop about a year ago and is looking to change the name… Any ideas?

They have a substantial selection of designer labels –

Paired with a nice top- all for under $30… Not bad for a Banana Republic Jacket!

They also have a athletic attire section – love this!!


Looking for the perfect holiday outfit… They have it!



20121231-153306.jpg There’s nothing like an ugly sweater for the holiday season 🙂

Oh the accessories!!



They even had a men’s cave! Awesome for me, especially since I had two men shopping with me. Their outdoor selection of jackets was pretty good. While this section is not huge, they do carry solid outdoor brands.



All and all this is a nice shopping spot! They are unique and certainly cater to many different shoppers. Check it out today… You could even hike Mt. Monadnock beforehand. Just sayin!

After our hike and shopping adventure we celebrated our friend Melissa and JR’s engagement!! Woo!!


L.L. Bean Sweater from BloomingDeals

BloomingDeals – Salem, NH

The weather and holiday made for the perfect opportunity to wear my new L.L. Bean sweater from BloomingDeals this weekend. The sweater was a steal at $20, which paired perfectly (at least I thought) with my black leggings and brown boots.

What I love about this sweater is how versatile it is; especially being from New England with five months of cold weather ahead of us. I can guarantee I will wear this more then a few times.

Say hello to the perfect ski sweater 🙂





And I can’t forget about my cashmere scarf I got at BloomingDeals! So soft and stylish, and for only $5.


North Conway, NH – International Mountain Equipment

International Mountain Equipment – North Conway, NH – 2733 White Mountain Highway – (603) 356-7013

Overall thoughts: A retail store located in the heart of North Conway, that happens to have a specialty consignment store aimed at hikers and back country enthusiast in the basement.

Recommend: If you’re into hiking and getting into the outdoors, go here.  It can be hit or miss, but overall I have found great options to help me outfit me for the great outdoors.

Over this past weekend I went camping and hiking in NH. On my feet were my favorite Asolo hiking boots and it dawned on my that I had to share my favorite consignment shop for getting fitted for the great outdoors.  So here I am filling you in on a well kept secret consignment store in NH.

I didn’t know this place existed until my boyfriend, Jeb, took me here looking for gear for our trip to Yosemite.  It was my first major backpacking trip… ok really just my first backpacking trip (LOL)… and I had to have the right look to conquer the mountains out West. This is when I found my Asolo hiking boots for $60, going for over $200 brand new and in great condition, I knew I had to take these to Cali with me.

Here is I am ready to hike through Yosemite, wearing my boots none the less. 


Of course you can’t see the boots (who took this photo), but I swear they are on!  I hiked in them for three days and my feet felt great throughout the adventure. I now where them on all my hiking expeditions. 


Here is a better shot of them! I was amazed at the size of the pinecones out there. My foot is not small either. 

Basically, I wanted to share this store with you so you could see that there is more than just fashionable clothing at consignment stores. This is a MUST stop for us whenever we go to North Conway, which is frequent. Again, it is in the basement of the retail shop (labeled IME), also supplying new back country gear. It is located next to the Eastern Slope Inn on the main shopping area of North Conway.

Check it out the next time you head to North Conway! 


One more shot of Yosemite – Half Dome looking magical in the clouds! 



Portsmouth, NH – Odd Showroom

Odd Showroom – 117 Market St., Portsmouth, NH – 1 (603) 431-2922

  • Overall thoughts: Unique, inventive and cozy
  • Recommend: If you’re in the market for a true vintage piece, cowboy boots or hand made gift this is your spot!

This cute and cozy spot is located in downtown Portsmouth (a great location for thrift stores). My mother and I checked it out after my cousins wedding in mid March.. I told you, I wanted to get this blog going for a while now (ha). When we walked in it was very warm and friendly with clothing and boots you would never find in a department store. The owner, Amity Joy, was a great t person to talk with.  Her father lives out West, so she has a great supply of cowboy boots in the shop.Cowboy boots are NOT easy to find at discounted price… buying these second hand makes so much sense.. they are already worn in and nearly half the price!

Image Image

The shop was not huge, but had quality one of a kind vintage picks.. you will not find a Gap or Banana Republic top here, making me love this spot even more. I found an amazing navy blue silk dress, very Mad Men like (actually wore it to a Mad Men premiere party) for only $15. Check out my photo of the dress below.. I plan on wearing it tomorrow to my work event with a black pencil skirt. So check out the blog tomorrow morning to see how it looks. One piece… so many ways!


Amity Joy is creative soul herself, selling her handmade knitted sweaters, hats, leggings and bags. That head warmer is perfect for a cold New England day!


Overall, I thought this thrift store was super cool! You don’t find thrift stores like this all the time.. The store is definitely set apart from your main stream thrift stores, such as Second Time Around.Go get those cowboy boots today! Yee haw


And the bags are made from fabric… not plastic!