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Last week my article, Five Tips For Smart Traveling, was featured on and  For all of those who don’t frequent these websites I wanted to share it with you!

Time to get traveling, people!


Five Tips For Smart Traveling 

We have all been on those trips; the ones where you packed wrong, forgot half your wardrobe, or simply just felt disorganized. There is an art to traveling and to traveling well.  Here is a quick list of five tips to help turn you into a travelista!

Mind Set – Before anything, have a good attitude. When traveling expect the unexpected. Flights change, bags get lost, hotels over-sell, flights get delayed. You need to expect things can change at the drop of a hat.  If you have a good attitude and remain cool, calm and collected, your trip will go along much more smoothly, no matter what obstacle is thrown at you.

  • For Example: When driving through Ireland, my friend and I parked our car in a casino parking lot. An hour later we came out to a boot and 200E ticket on our car!  We managed to stay calm and laugh it off… till this day we still talk about it.  Travel is an experience, meant to have positives and negatives.

Flexible Attire – Whenever I travel I bring items that I can wear more than once. It’s tempting to pack your entire wardrobe, but trust me, your back and bank account will be happy for your decreased luggage in tow.

  • For Example: When I went to Italy I packed a black cotton blazer and pink pashmina. I was able to wear the blazer with the dresses, pants and skirts I brought. The one pashmina I packed spruced up any and all of my outfits, while keeping me warm.

Smart Packing – Along with being flexible, be smart.  Look up the weather in advance to know what you’re in for.  The best thing you can do is be prepared for all types of weather by packing layers.  There is nothing worse then having to buy tourist sweatshirts in Florida because you didn’t realize the temps go down to the 40’s.

  • For Example:  I went to Bonnaroo, a 3-day music festival, a few years back. As I was leaving my mom yelled “bring your rain boots, you never know.”  Turns out it poured for day, covering the festival grounds in mud.  Luckily, I had my trusty yellow rain boots to get around. For now on, I check the weather and if I can I always pack my rain boots!

Be Comfortable – Who wants to walk around with blisters or chub rub? Let’s be honest with ourselves and admit what shoes & clothing feel good. Do not bring a pair of high heels that you wouldn’t walk around in at home.  This is a waste of space in your suitcase and a end to a good time ahead.

  • For Example: My goal when traveling is to be comfortable, yet fashionable. For my trip to Italy I wanted a solid walking shoe that didn’t look like a walking shoe.  I settled on a     a pair of Sperry’s.  These boat shoes went with every outfit I brought, were extremely comfortable and looked good.  Never put comfort second when traveling!

Be Organized  – There is nothing worse than showing up the airport as a disorganized mess.  Pull it all together the week before to avoid major travel headaches and delays.  Use small bags to get yourself organized and in-synch for the day ahead. You should know where your headphones, wallet, passport, money and toiletries are before you get to the airport.

  • For Example: I learned this lesson the hard way. When I was in high school I showed up to the airport without a license.  The security let me through (not sure why, but they did), however, the check-in attendant was not as nice. My then boy friend and I had to change our entire travel day, getting us to our destination 24 hrs later then expected! Never again!  Set yourself up for success.

Enjoy the ups and the downs!! 🙂

Camping in Colorado

Camping in Colorado

Vintage Valentine’s Day

You have two days till the big V-Day! Do you have a gift for your sweetheart yet? Well, if not, don’t worry. I have some creative and unique ideas to make you look like a stud/vixen.
Check out my latest article on buying Vintage Valentine’s Gifts for some fun (and very affordable) ideas!

Here is a taste of the article –

Message In A Bottle:

Memory Jar:

Vintage Tin Boxes:


Have a splendid day!

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The Rhode Show

Check out New England Vintage Chic on The Rhode Show – FOX Providence.

Few photos from the shoot –



I choose pieces that could be worn at any holiday party and then again at a non-holiday event. It’s important to buy clothes you can wear more than once!



Check it out-

Special thanks to Act II in Providence for lending us all the accessories and clothing.


It’s New England Vintage Chic’s first PR hit! I got a chance to chat with Stephanie Mangano from about shopping at second-hand stores and finding the latest trends at a steal.

This was a ton of fun! We went to Second Time Around on Thayer Street in Providence – a great spot to find designer items for less!

Check out the video –