My week of second-hand outfits

I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could pull of a week straight of wearing second-hand clothing/items!  So, this past week, I put my money where my mouth is, and tried it.  Since my wardrobe is not 100% full of second-hand clothing… I mixed in some clothing I already had in my closet.

What I found was, challenge or no challenge, I usually am wearing a vintage or consignment piece of clothing!  So, this really wasn’t a huge challenge for me. The true challenge would be wearing outfits (top to bottom) that are 100% from a second-hand store…okay, maybe not the underwear, but you get the picture.  Either way, I had fun compiling these outfits and hope you see that you can shop second-hand and still be stylish and SAVE MONEY.


Last day of 2012!

IMG_2175 IMG_2173

Monday’s Outfit:

Leopard Print Shoes: Steve Madden – already in my closet

Mint Green Pants: Old Navy – already in my closet

Cream Vintage Sweater: Purchased at The Garment District in Cambridge, MA ($9.99)

Polka Dot Sweater: Merona, purchased at The Goodwill ($4.99)


IMG_2407 IMG_2406

Tuesday’s Outfit:

Black Dress: Ann Klein – already in my closet

Blue Printed Shirt:  Old Navy –  Purchased from Modern Millie’s ($2)



Wednesday’s Outfit: 

Vintage Velvet Blazer: Purchased from  Foreign Affair Warehouse in Providence ($28)

Pink T-shirt: The Gap – Already in my closet

Gold Earrings: Already in my closet

Martini: Just delicious!


IMG_2405 IMG_2404

Thursday’s Outfit:

Plaid Skirt: Vintage and purchased from the Goodwill in Quincy, MA ($4.99)

Black Shirt: Gap – already in my closet

Black Flats: H & M  – already in my closet




Friday’s Outfit:

Fun Dress: Mimi Chic – already in my closet

Cowboy Boots: Texas – purchased from NAVA in Providence, RI ($65)

Vintage Leather Clutch: Honestly, I have had this clutch for years, and I can’t remember what thrift store I purchased it at 😦 All I know is was under $10 and I LOVE IT!



Saturday’s Outfit:

Cheated a bit here and considered my winter coat as an “outfit” for the day 🙂

Vintage Nude Wool Coat: Purchased from North Hampton Hospice Thrift Shop ($8)

Brown Purse: H & M – Already in my closet

Gloves & Scarf: Already in my closet


IMG_2403 IMG_2402 IMG_2400

Sunday’s Outfit:

As you can see, I am a skier! As a thrifty gal I am always on the look out for great ski gear at decent prices. Check out my price for my GORTEX pants!

Off- White Sweater: LL Bean, purchased from Bloomingdeals in Salem, NH for $25

Black Gortex Pants: Purchased from Second Time Around with the tags still on them for $25!!! These usually go for $230.

Orange Ski Jacket: The North Face  – Already in my closet

All and all a great week 🙂 

Hope your week  is off to a great start!


Providence, RI – Act II

Act II – 802 Hope St. – Providence, RI
Overall Thoughts: A fantastic mixture of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and designer labels.
Recommend: This store is a great spot for quality vintage clothing and a unique shopping experience!

This Wednesday, I am being featured as a stylist on the Rhode Show! Very exciting, especially since I never started this blog to become a stylist or be on TV. My goal remains the same – to encourage people to shop at second-hand stores.
Finding a store to work with me on this stylist piece was not as easy as I thought it would be. Lucky for me, the ladies at Act II are darling! They were so excited to host me and share this exciting experience with me.

Act II is located on Hope St. In Providence. The area is full of other adorable shops and restaurants. So get ready to spend a few hours poking around this area.

Vintage inspiration can be found throughout the entire store.

They have Lots of options to choose from. From vintage to high-end designers, they have it all. At first, I was nervous I wouldn’t find anything awesome enough for TV! However, after five minutes my problem was finding too many fabulous finds. Since, I was only choosing three outfits for my styling segment, I had to make the right choices!

Is this the right dress… Hmmm!

What about this one?

Or maybe a pretty scarf?

Paired with a pair of sexy shoes? As Carrie Bradshaw says “hello, lover”

The clothes started to mount up!

Loved these bracelets! Chic city gal meets vintage cowgirl.

If I could have chosen this dress I would have! Gorgeous and glamorous!

Or maybe rip off this already dressed mannequin! Ha!


So what did I chose? You will have to wait to see! Tomorrow, I will share the link to the segment.

In the mean time head into Act II. The store a s staff are superb!!!

Happy Holidays 🙂


Providence, RI – Into the Wardrobe

Into the Wardrobe – 117 Brook St. – Providence, RI – 401-831-7660 

Overall thoughts: Adorable, affordable and fashionistas heaven! 

Recommend: Go here if you’re on the hunt for fashionable, unique and quality second hand clothing.  This is a great fit for students, the working woman and everyone in between. 

Loved, loved, loved this store!  The second I walked in there was warm welcoming from the owner, Megan, who has the most charismatic personality ever!  The shop, as Megan described it is “A mix of your favorite brands, from H & M, Gap, Banana Republic to Anthropologie and Seven.” Boy was she right… every corner you turn there is something new and fabulous to look at.

A closer look at this welcoming outfit

Megan, the owner – LOVE HER!

Vintage decorative corset

The store has a great supply of designer boots

Organization! So helpful to all shoppers!

Modeling a great printed wool vintage jacket. Love that red color pop in the collar!

Cowboy boots!!! You know I was obsessed with these 😉

Frye Boots… I was so upset they were not a size 9

Megan loved this vintage pink velvet blazer. She is sending it to one of her premiere clients in NYC!

Time to back your vintage suitcase!

Fab vintage suitcase!

Talk about a adding some glitter to your outfit!

This re-sale shop had me at hello! Quality, fashion picks, and the environment made for a superb shopping experience. All her pricing is extremely affordable.  Head here today, you will not be disappointed!


It’s New England Vintage Chic’s first PR hit! I got a chance to chat with Stephanie Mangano from about shopping at second-hand stores and finding the latest trends at a steal.

This was a ton of fun! We went to Second Time Around on Thayer Street in Providence – a great spot to find designer items for less!

Check out the video –

Providence, RI – Foreign Affair Warehouse

Foreign Affair Warehouse – Providence, RI – 140 Brook St. – (401) 274-1484

Overall Thoughts: Original, clever and charming

Recommend: If you’re looking for vintage attire, go here!  They have clothing from many different era’s, making for a unique shopping experience.

My hunt for this vintage store was not easy. I found this store from a top 10 second hand store list online.  However, the website had the old address listed. This led me on a bit of a chase, but when I found it, I was very pleased about my persistence. Note to self and you – always call ahead and double check the address.


This vintage store has a very clever and cool atmosphere. Most of their clothing was separated into different era’s… 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. While their other racks are separated by skirts, pants, dress, etc..


Check out this amazing dress I found from the 70’s. It would be the perfect dress for this weekend’s baby shower (no one else will have it… score) however, I didn’t buy it. Stupid me.

Another great note -They labeled each piece of clothing with the era they are from. SO helpful and cool to knowing when your one-of-a-kind dress was made.



What I did buy was a super cool velvet jacket, with a floral print. My major goal when heading into a vintage store is to get one eclectic piece. This jacket is from the 1970’s and cost me $35. Not bad since most velvet jackets go for $100 or more. Not to mention, it is in mint condition. Another must for me to make any second hand purchases.

My sister, Rachael, said she didn’t like it 😦 However, I’m determined to show her I will rock it!  Watch tomorrow for how I make it work with an existing dress from my wardrobe!

As I was walking out the door, I found this amazing dress hanging in the window. Since I had already spent $35, I passed on it. I think this photo sums up  this interesting shop!  Go check it out, you are sure to find something that will inspire you. Image


NAVA – 281 Thayer St., Providence, RI – (508)453-6282 –

Overall thoughts: Eclectic, fashionable and fun

Recommend: If you’re looking for vintage clothing, leather boots/cowboy boots, chic accessories or that one of a  kind piece that you could never find at H & M. They have both Men and Women’s clothing and along with new women’s clothing/items as well.

This past weekend I was in Rhode Island for work, so of course I had to step out and search for the best second hand store for you.  And wow… I found another amazing spot for unique vintage clothing, boots, jewelry and accessories. NAVA, is located on Thayer Street in downtown Providence, on College Hill. If you’re looking for a fun shopping experience in Providence, head to Thayer Street. It’s filled with great shops and creative restaurants to meet any food cravings.

ImageNAVA was super cool, providing both vintage and new items. Most of the vintage items come from private sales the owner, Ali, seeks out in New York. I had a really nice chat with Liz, who had worked there for four years, about where they find their items and the process they go through to find the best vintage pieces available. They do have one local t-shirt guru they buy off for vintage t’s, but besides that these vintage items are being well sought after. I love all the behind stories of where items come from, so interesting!


The first thing I noticed in NAVA was all the cowboy boots and other fine leather boots they had. I immediately started to search for a pair to be the proud owner of (since I have been searching for a pair for the last two years). Bingo… I found a great pair of Cowtowns, made in Mexico, for $46. A pretty good deal for cowboy boots that are made of beautiful leather and already worn in. Check out my photo! It was not easy to get a shot of me with them on, without being a super creep and asking for people to take my photo. I need a personal photographer with me! anyone??

I will be pairing these boots to create one fabulous look this week! Watch out for how I wear them..

PS. My dress was bought from a thrift store four years ago for $10!

ImageNAVA also had a great supply of Men’s clothing. One-of-a-kind shirts, t-shirts, jackets and pants cover the back right side of the store. In fact, I met one of NAVA’s frequent customers, Dan Chase,  who just happened to be wearing a vintage corduroy jacket he bought from NAVA a few months earlier. Check him out hunting for the perfect shirt to fit his unique style. We chatted for a bit and he told me he was looking for a blue shirt with flowers on it… how inventive.

 You see people… I am not the only one who gets addicted to getting their vintage fix on a weekly basis. Men love it too!

PS.  Check out those boots above his head (many are the FRYE brand)… love it!

Next up.. Jewelry!


They had a beautiful selection of chunky pieces that would add excitement to any boring outfit. The big necklaces (the green one was my favorite) went for around $22 – $35. Since I already had my cowboy boots in tow, I passed on the green treasure, but today I wish I had it… Oh well, I left it for some other second hand lover 🙂

They also had handmade jewelry from local jewelers on hand.


This was one of my favorite shots of NAVA.. I think it very much reflects what you will find when you walk in… a mix of eclectic vintage pieces, chic style and fun!

I look forward to my next visit back to add some more vintage glamour into my closet!

If you’re in the market for vintage clothing (NO Gap, J-crew or other popular main stream brands here) then go to NAVA. They have skirts, shoes, bags, tops, jewelry, scarves, sun glasses and so much more. If you can’t get there, you can shop online at their store..

If you’re on a SUPER tight budget, this may not be the shop for you. Many of the vintage pieces run from $20 – $60. However, they are well worth it if you want a quality article of clothing that will last you.