September Highlights

Wow, this summer has been absolutely crazy for me. Between rebuilding a two-family home, planning a 3-day wedding weekend and running a business, I have not had much time to reflect, never-mind blog about it all. I swear I think there was a week in there where I didn’t brush my hair once… TMI?

My fall goal will to be blog at least once every two weeks because I miss it.  Any who, I thought I would share a few highlights from what is panning out to be the busiest month of my life!

  1. Jeb and I are getting married at Hosmer Point Summer Camp – Sept. 12

Tay & Jeb (204 of 127)

After lots and lots of planning our wedding weekend is here! I’ve had so much fun designing every aspect of this wedding… including starting up a great partnership with Savers Thrift Store to buy all the decorations.  DIY x a million but I wouldn’t change a thing!

2. Savor Newburyport – Sept. 17 – 26

Savor NBPT Facebook Banner2 -01

My company, Creative TK,  is a part of the marketing team behind Savor Newburyport! A 10-day celebration highlighting Newburyport’s extraordinary restaurants, retail shops and cultural experiences. With over 50 exceptional events planned this is sure to be an epic 10-days! Learn more about the events and how to buy tickets by clicking here.

3. Honeymooning in France & Switzerland!

A view of murren

(Above photo: Murren, Switzerland)

This vacation is much needed and we cannot wait to explore France and Switzerland via road-trip style for 10 days!

4. Finalizing our house renovations – all of September

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 2.30.05 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 2.30.37 PM

If planning a 3-day wedding weekend isn’t enough than just add in renovating a two-family house!  Wowzer… I am not sure how we managed to get everything done but it certainly was a great test for any couple to go through… luckily for us, it only proved that we make a killer team!  Huge thanks to our families and friends for helping us along the way.


Let’s do this September! I hope your month is shaping up to be just as awesome as mine.

Happy Fall,


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