Venturing Through Milan

Milan is great city!  There are so many great restaurants, piazzas, statues, museums, and fashionable people. My favorite moments here included visiting the Milan Cathedral, stumbling upon the Monumental Cemetery, walking through the Van Gogh Exhibit and eating delicious dinners. While wandering … Continue reading

One Year Later

oneyear later

It’s been exactly one year since I left my job and traveled the country in my boyfriend’s truck for three months!  I really cannot believe it’s been a year… It seems as though I appreciate the adventure now more than ever and continually thank myself for finding the courage to take such a big leap of faith.

When I told people I quit my job to go on this trip the reactions were varied. Some people thought it was the best idea ever, while others thought I had ended my career.  The good news is, my career has not ended but has taken an amazing and positive direction into me opening my own marketing & creative services company called Creative TK Consulting!


It’s funny because my company was not in my grand plan, but to be honest,  I didn’t have a grand plan.  After returning from my trip I began doing marketing for my sister, owner of Dragonfly Photography, in Newburyport.  We would go on various networking events together and quickly I had small businesses asking me for marketing assistance. I thought about starting my own consulting company for about for a week and decided to go for it – after all what did I have to lose!

Some people would call me crazy for not doing intense market research before starting a business… but I just had a gut feeling it was going to turn out ok!  It’s amazing when you have an intuition and can freely run with it.  That doesn’t happen very often in our planned/calculated lives.

Each one of my clients is different and I guess that’s why I find this job perfect for me.  On any given day I could be planning a grand opening party, taking photos of meat (yes, meat), convincing the papers to do a feature, writing a grassroots marketing plan or doing invoices (yay).  Every day is different and everyday is meaningful to these small business owners. I really love being apart of their team and helping them succeed!

I hope you have had an amazing year as well!

Your vintage blogger turned CEO, Taylor