Tap, Tap, Tapping Jewelry

Five years ago my mother started a jewelry company, Me Too Charms, that makes hand stamped silver, copper and gold necklaces & bracelets. This past weekend I learned how to do it! Basically, it is not easy and I found myself saying “crap”, “oh Sh*t”, and “damn it” a lot!  By the end of the 2 hours I put into it, I saw improvement! Yay me!   What do you think?


NOW – Here is an example of what it really should look like. I know, I have a ways to go!


My mom  is amazing at creating one-of-a-kind pieces. The best part is she can customize the disk to whatever you want! I just had her make a necklace for my best friend, Brenna, who is running the Boston Marathon.  I had her stamp Brenna’s bib number! Brilliant, I know!

Me Too Charms website: http://metoocharms.com/


Have a good night! 🙂


DIY: Refurbished Candle Sticks

Refurbished Candle Sticks
I found these candle sticks at Savers this past fall. A busy schedule has kept me from refurbishing them. Until now! This project was so easy. The trick is having the guts to buy something with no appeal and see a new vision for it. Creativity is key!


1. Find something to refurbish
– Visit your local Savers, Goodwill or Salvation Army to find items that have refurbish appeal!
– Start small. Especially if the idea of this seems overwhelming.
– Look for pieces that have quality characteristics.


– These candle sticks had style appeal, constructed well and were priced right. I knew with a little TLC and a good coat of paint I could turn them from gaudy to fabulous!
2. Get your crafting tools out
– If you don’t have any supplies visit Michael’s Craft Store to pick up all your necessities.
– Don’t over think this. One color of paint will work just fine. Sometimes simple is more.


– I originally was going to use crackle paint. But felt simple was better in this case. since the candle sticks already had a design on them.
– Most items you will pick up will need more than a coat of paint. Dont panic. A good cleaning and sanding is sometimes necessary to get a clean look.



– I only had to do light cleaning and sanding. Since the design on the wood was so cool, I decided to keep it. Which was the right choice!
– You may have you use two or three coats of paint to achieve the right look. Don’t be lazy – do it right.


I decided to get fancy and I painted the top with light brown. It was a nice accent color to the light turquoise I used on the main part of the candle sticks.


Overall, I think they came out quite nicely!




Have a good night!