East Coast Vs. West Coast


East Coast Vs. West Coast: 

Traveling through California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia taught me one thing – I LOVE THE WEST COAST. ¬†Seriously, there are fewer bugs, bigger mountains, fabulous weather, and continuous adventures to seek out day after day. ¬†However, after much consideration, ¬†I’ve decided I’m an East Coast/New England girl through and through.

Here are the reasons why I’m sticking-up for East Coast:

1. American History: From Boston to D.C the east coast is jam packed with interesting facts!

2. Seasons: Pulling out your winter clothing is like buying a new wardrobe!

3. More Challenges: Skiing on ice =  a better skier | Hiking on rougher trails = a better hiker

4. Less Pressure:¬† We don’t have the responsibility of figuring out what the next trend is.

5. Quaint Villages: ¬†The Gloucester fishing villages, and their history, don’t exist out west.

6. No Attitude: I swear, everyone on the west coast thinks it’s “the best!” Us East Coast kids don’t brag, we keep our heads down and our mouths shut.

7. Cobblestone Streets:¬† Walking down these adorable streets may break your ankle (especially if wearing high heels), but it’s well worth the challenge.

8. Cape Cod & Nantucket: Lets be real, there is no other place quite like Cape Cod & Nantucket.

To help you get a understanding of my East Coast love, I’m sharing a few of my favorite photos:

So, there are my reasons.  Do you have any why you love the East Coast? Please share!

Taylor ūüôā