Salem & Newburyport, MA – Modern Millie

Modern Mille – 3 Central St. Salem, MA & 41 Pleasant St., Newburyport, MA

Overall Thoughts: One of my favorite vintage stores!!! Enough said. 

Recommend: If you’re looking for classic vintage pieces, go here. 

This store is fantastic on so many levels!  Here are my three reasons for why I love this store:

  1. The Shopping Experience: There is never a shortage of fun filled fashion to check out
  2. Reasonably Priced: Affordable for all budgets
  3. Fabulously Eclectic: A surplus of unique and one-of-a-kind pieces fill the racks

Last weekend I checked out this store with a few of my favorite friends!!  They made fantastic models 🙂

My fabulous models!

Creative fashion! Love it!

A summer dress on sale… why not.

Love their style!

They have great vintage style, along with fun new shoes. Check out Stacy’s favorite pair below. She is far too prego for these, but, she would differ!

Great shoes, Stace!

Hello, skirts!

Vintage Tweed… it’s so in this season! Great find, Brenna, and for only $28!

Leah was loving the selection of jeans! She couldn’t believe the affordable prices.

I was loving this vintage orange dress from the 50’s… oh and my cowboy boots.

Not a boring wall in this store!

Discounts, discounts, discounts!

Never can pass by a discount bin!

Basically, I love this store. They have two great locations you can choose from. One in Newburyport and the other in Salem. So while you’re out shopping this weekend for fall finds, check out Mordern Millie.



It’s New England Vintage Chic’s first PR hit! I got a chance to chat with Stephanie Mangano from about shopping at second-hand stores and finding the latest trends at a steal.

This was a ton of fun! We went to Second Time Around on Thayer Street in Providence – a great spot to find designer items for less!

Check out the video –

Thrifty Fall Fashion

As summer comes to an end, we say good-bye to our open toe sandals, flowing dresses, bathing suits and tank tops. With that door shut, we gladly say hello to boots, jackets, jeans, sweaters and hats! Gosh I love fall!  Fall reminds me of field hockey games (I played for 10 years), family dinners, pumpkin carving, hot apple cider, fall foliage and the excitement of ski season around the corner!

So lets get focused! Focused on the fall trends and how we can find them for less this season. I did my homework and comparisons with the Marie Claire and J. Crew September issues.

1. The Chunky Sweater Look

Their find = $696

My find = $5
Purchased at The Garment District

2. The Quintessential Pointed Pump

J. Crew’s Price = $245

My Suede Pumps Find = $14
Purchased at Finders Keepers Thrift Store

3. Anything Tweed

J. Crew Navy Tweed Jacket = $268

My Tweed Jacket f=Find = $8
Purchased at the Goodwill

4. Baroque Style – Inspired from the 1500’s – 1700’s period. Think Velvet and silk materials. Basically, you should be a walking masterpiece! 

Their find = $1,395

My Velvet Jacket Find = $27
Purchased at a Vintage Store in Providence

5. Flannel!!!

J. Crew flannel = $79.50

My Flannel Find = $8
Purchased at The Garment District

Designers Total Cost = $2,683.50

My Total Cost = $62

My spending is less than 1% of the cost of the designer prices. The moral of this post is… don’t spend a lot of money on clothing! You can find the newest trends at your local thrift, consignment, or vintage store. AND while all my clothing was way less, it was still quality.

Providence Town – S.S. Cherry Vintage Clothing

S.S. Cherry Vintage Clothing – 359 Commerical St. -Providence Town, MA  -1 (718) 786-8645

Thoughts: A small store FULL of life!

This is the perfect store to end summer with. I stumbled upon this quaint one of a kind store while shopping in P-Town with my family this past August. Along with P-Town, this store is nothing short of personality!

What a store front!

Love this dress!

A trip to the 80’s

Great look, lady… oh and great scarf!

This hat would have been perfect for my cape trip!

Cowboy Boots… always a YES!

My favorite item in the store! Christmas gift for Jeb?? Hmmmm

A customer super psyched about the bathing suits they had!

The owner! He told me Cherry Vintage was started in NYC! He moved it to P-town a few years ago and has been there ever since.

Good times!

Overall, this was quite an experience! I wouldn’t expect anything less for a vintage shop in P-Town. If you head to the cape next summer, make sure to check out this shop! You will not be disappointed!

I will leave you with these beautiful shots I took of the Cape.

DIY Project – 1940’s Tool Chest

I wanted to share with you my latest DIY project! As you may know by now, I love all things vintage, so when I found this chest sitting outside my friend’s neighbor’s driveway I had to snatch it up.  My friends husband thanked me for finally removing this eye soar from their neighborhood… LOL. Along with checking out cool thrift stores I also LOVE to refurbish furniture. So I was pumped to get to work on this 1940’s tool chest.

Can’t beat this deal!

The fire damage on the left side was the biggest battle!  Nothing the sander couldn’t handle. Woo!

Working the sander!

Jeb was onsite to help me out! Thank you, Jeb!

All cleaned up and ready to paint.

I used white as a base, followed by crackle medium and then finished off with a light turquoise paint

It’s coming along!

Notice all the paint I got was on sale! At your local Home Depot or Lowe’s there is usually a sale rack in the paint section. Make sure to check this out any time you’re there. Most of the paint is 50% – 75% off!!!! AND the only reason they are on sale is because they were returned, not bad.  This is a great way to do a project cheap!

A view of the top… the old wood creates a rustic look with the paint.

After I applied the Medium Crackle Paint I applied the turquoise paint.
The Medium Crackle helps create a shabby chic look

The top is done! Love this color!


I added some flair to the inside with this stencil!

A view of the inside! Check out the slits on the side for tools. One is still stuck in there. Such a cool chest from what we guess is the 1940’s.

This was such a fun project! With a vision and a lot of hard work I think it came out pretty good!

I am thinking of selling this chest, so If you’re  interested you can email me at

Stay tuned for my next DIY project or review!

Taylor 🙂