Vintage Inspirations – From a Mother’s Point of View

I am so excited for this post! I know, I know, I get super excited all the time over the smallest things. BUT, this is my first guest blogger feature.
One of my best friends, Stacy, is a mom of two adorable boys. A hot mom at that. Seriously, she was looking beyond good just a week after both her kids were born. I feel as though this is not the norm, but she made it look easy! Still does!

Stacy showing off her second-hand finds

There are numerous second-hand shops opening that focus on kids clothing, toys and accessories. I know nothing about being a mom, so who better to do a review than a mom!

Check out Stacy’s thoughts on shopping second-hand for her kids and her recent adventure at Too Cute To Toss.

***From a Mother’s Point of View***
As the mother of two boys, (very stylish ones, I might add), I’m always looking for great deals on clothing for them. You can find me consistently stopping at new second-hand children’s stores, and going to different local consignment events.
One of my favorites events is, Too Cute To Toss, located at the Beverly Cove Community Center in Beverly,MA. The two co-owners Lauren, and Alycia, organize events a few times a year. If you’re a mom, expecting, or need a gift, these events are a must! Imagine every brand you love, even ones you have never heard of, all in one spot! It’s like shopping at a Marshalls, with every kid/baby item you can think of. Clothes, strollers, bedding, toys, accessories, you name it – they have it.
Kids grow so quickly (input sad face). It’s difficult for me to spend a ton of money on a winter jacket, or a holiday outfit, that they wear so few times. to me, there is no reason not to buy second hand?
My son Vince is two. I LOVE dressing him in Baby Gap; but their prices, not so much. For example: Just last week I went shopping for a winter jacket at The Gap. The price for a coat was $65. Really, am going to spend that type of money for a coat he will wear so little? Not this bargain shopper! However, I did find the same coat at Too Cute To Toss for $12. That’s a $43 savings!
Along with the coat, I scored a pair of Land’s End winter boots for Vince, for only $11. To top the say off, I got My youngest son Jake, his entire Christmas outfit for under $15. Such a fantastic deal, especially since he will wear it once.
I strongly believe in shopping at these big consignment events. Not only can you can dress your little ones to the nine, you can save money, a lot of money. Definitely check out Too Cute To Toss’s website (below) for info regarding future events, or find them on facebook. These two ladies are doing a great job!
Check out my photos from Too Cute To Toss and my handsome models.

Vince wearing his new flannel shirt – purchased for $4 –





Vince and Jake’s Christmas card – taken by Dragonfly Photography! Vince is wearing pajamas we got for $5 at Too Cute To Toss –


I hope you enjoyed my first guest blogger! How cute are those kids 😉

A BIG “thank you” to Stacy for all your research and for sharing your thoughts. And a shout out to Dragonfly Photography! You do amazing work!

Here is Stacy with her youngest son, Jake!


Visit Too Cute To Toss
Visit Dragonfly Photography

DIY – the ” I have a small apartment” Christmas Tree

I have a very small apartment. Therefore, buying a regular sized Christmas tree is out of the question. Last year I bought a small rosemary tree and treated it as a Christmas tree. The only problem was, like every other plant I have owned, I killed it.

This year, I made up my mind, and put the plant killing years behind me!

So what did I make???

I made a stick tree. A what?!? okay, maybe I need a more creative name, but this is all I can come up with.

Here is a step by step on how to create your own 😉

1. Find your sticks. Just make sure they are sturdy.

2. Find a large vase to place them in. Arrange them as you would like and trim them down if need be.

3. Pick your paint. I wanted to create a birch tree look, so I used white paint. Gold was also a thought, but I didn’t have any at home.

4. Get your paint on! I loved this project because, bark is not perfect… So you don’t have to over analyze each brush stroke.

5. Time to decorate! Place your ornaments and lights on the tree, and get ready for a festive glow!

6. Enjoy!!


Happy Holidays!!

L.L. Bean Sweater from BloomingDeals

BloomingDeals – Salem, NH

The weather and holiday made for the perfect opportunity to wear my new L.L. Bean sweater from BloomingDeals this weekend. The sweater was a steal at $20, which paired perfectly (at least I thought) with my black leggings and brown boots.

What I love about this sweater is how versatile it is; especially being from New England with five months of cold weather ahead of us. I can guarantee I will wear this more then a few times.

Say hello to the perfect ski sweater 🙂





And I can’t forget about my cashmere scarf I got at BloomingDeals! So soft and stylish, and for only $5.


Vintage Inspiration – A Thrifty Thanksgiving Look

As Turkey day nears us, we all wonder… what are we going to wear to chow down massive amounts of food! Well, maybe not all of us, but I certainly do!
The biggest challenge is, looking good yet being comfortable! No super tight
clothing welcome on this day!

Just because it’s a holiday is NO excuse to empty out your bank account. Use what you have in your closet and pick up some accent sweaters and/or accessories at your local second hand store to get a thrifty chic turkey day look.

Check out my two picks for turkey day or another festive event!

Outfit one:
My Black dress and cowboy boots I dug up in my closet. While my Merona sweater was a new purchase from Savers for $8!





Outfit 2:
The black pants and cowboy boots are from my closet. While the J. Crew turtle neck sweater was a new purchase at Savers for $10!!
My mother is rocking her Tommy Hilfigure coat she bought at Modern Millie’s in Newburyport for $52.
We are ready for turkey day!!!




Special thanks to Kim Kloss for modeling with me!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!


Vintage Inspiration – L.L. Bean

This year L.L. Bean celebrates their 100th anniversary! I don’t know about you, but I love L.L. Bean. Quality and customer satisfaction are the first things that come to mind when thinking about them. With a return policy you can’t find anywhere else!

So to celebrate their 100th anniversary I am sharing their ads throughout the years! I saw them in one of their store locations and was loving it.

Here’s to you Leon Leonwood Bean!









Stay warm out there!